About Us  

ECOMM Tech is a Singapore based company providing system integration for infocomm infrastructure for the region. We specialized in LAN and WAN network design and implementation. We have experience in building Internet Service Provider Network starting from green-field. Our field experience includes deployment of Carrier-Transport, Core, Distribution, Access and backend support system.

Carrier-Transport System
We have deployed nationwide STM64 SDH system with ability to distribute bandwidth at E1 and FE level.

Core and Distribution Technologies
We can build capacity, redundancy, load sharing & balancing and coverage using vendors from major core vendors.

Access Technologies
We deploy wire and wireless technologies. For wire-technologies, we familiar with xDSL and fiber-PON technologies.For wireless, we have reference of Wimax, Wifi and proprietary wireless solution.

Backend Support System
Our backend systems include Subscriber Management System, Billing and Customer Support Management System